Happy Together

Our generation  is seeing an increase in anxiety and depression contributed by social media.

What if we can be more aware of how we feel?
What if we can be reminded of the positive things in life?

Introducing Moodpal

A mobile app combining features of

mood trending

social connection

personalized media

to improve emotional intelligence, communication, and inspire creation.

Backed by evidence-based concepts and our mental health team.

Daily Check-ins for Self-Awareness

Be able to reflect on your mood and how it has progressed overtime.

Keep logs on what goes on in your day and receive reminders to help you be your best.

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Stay Socially Connected

Our busy lives can make it hard for us to keep in constant contact with those we care about. Have comfort in knowing you can check in on them and reach out when they need it the most.

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Personalized Media Experience

MoodPal allows you to subscribe to what you enjoy. As you continue using it, MoodPal learns what improves your mood and creates a personalized media experience.

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Explore Moodpal

Powerful Cloud Platform

After all, we do want you to feel happy. With our platform we are able to record moods and produce weekly graphs so you can track your lifestyle progress and stay updated.

Mindfulness & Productivity Tools

Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment can be difficult. We have tools that can help you reduce stress, boost working memory, and allow you focus on what matters in life.

Personalized Media

Positive and viral media doesn't come just from one source. We have incorporated positive videos, gifs, memes and much more into MoodPal to bring more joy to your day.

Who We Are

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Alexander Au, M.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Social media is an accepted part of our daily lives. We use it to stay connected. However, our experiences on social media sometimes skew expectations of reality, causing us to lose sight of what is important.

Alexander Au has used his medical training to research and understand how technology impacts mental health. MoodPal is an opportunity to inspire new ways of connecting us as humans and closer to ending the stigma surrounding mental health.

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